CTEK D250S DC-DC Charger with solar input

The CTEK D250S DUAL is a fully automatic 5-stage DC-DC charger that supplies 20A to 12V batteries from 40Ah – 300Ah. Made in Sweden to the highest quality and build.
Comes with terminals on the top making it one of the easiest DC to DC chargers for even the raw novice to wire into a vehicle.

The D250S Dual refines all DC sources including alternators and solar power, to perfectly match the amount of charge the battery requires whilst minimising charge time.
The D250S Dual is a 20A multi-step charger that automatically adjusts the charging voltage and current according to the battery state of charge and temperature to ensure that the battery is safely optimised for performance.

The CTEK D250S Dual is an in-vehicle dual-battery management system. It features a starter battery isolator and a five-step charger that automatically adjusts the charging voltage and current according to the auxiliary battery’s state of charge and temperature – reducing a battery’s charge time.

A sensor on the CTEK charger measures the battery temperature and adjusts the required charge by increasing the voltage in cold weather ensuring the battery is fully charged, while dropping the voltage in hot weather to avoid the problems of overcharging.

If you own a 4WD and wish to run accessories like fridges or lighting from an auxiliary battery, then the D250S Dual makes the setup of an efficient dual-battery system very easy.

A basic solenoid style dual-battery system is generally only ever capable of charging an auxiliary battery to around 80% capacity, and this is a problem that is compounded when - invariably - more than one battery type is used (most dual-battery set-ups will combine a wet-cell lead acid starting battery with a Deep Cycle auxiliary battery of the Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) or Gel type).

Over time, the auxiliary battery can lose its charge and even fail prematurely.
The D250S is able to manage multi-battery applications that use mixed battery types, and also allow input from solar panels for additional charging.

CTEK D250S DC-DC Charger