Deluxe Portable Satellite TV Kit to suit caravan or motorhome

Over 15000 Sold Australia-Wide

The ultimate in portable caravan satellite TV kits, comes with everything you need, there are no hidden extras in this kit to make sure you are up and running within minutes.

The high performance Access Antenna dish that comes with the kit has been designed and patented in Australia by Australians to ensure that it works across 100% of Australia. To back this up, we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you should find a place in Australia that this kit doesn’t work due to coverage.

All of our dishes are produced exclusively for Access Antennas in a world leading factory based in Taiwan.
The dishes are built from the highest quality materials, using modern machines and tools. The advantage of this is our dishes are solidly constructed through thicker materials and rolled edges, they are not thin and flimsy like other dishes on the market. The dishes produced use world leading technology and are referred to as the rolls royce of satellite dishes.
Extensive testing has confirmed that the Access Antennas RV Dish and high quality ACER LNB had up to 10-20% higher signal quality than the majority of other dish kits tested.

For Caravaner’s, size and portability is one of the key considerations when making a decision on any purchase. These dishes are designed to be portable without sacrificing on coverage.
Anything smaller than 80cm will not provide signal across 100% of Australia. Our dishes are 85cm with a shortened the top and bottom, so as not to sacrifice coverage however still provide a higher level of portability. The dishes are also designed/engineered with a removable LNB arm (exclusively designed by Access Antennas) which enables the dish to be folded down compactly and stored into the optional padded bag in less than 15 seconds.

Our kits are designed with both novices and advanced users in mind, and come with all tools and instructions provided to get you up and running in just minutes.
Extensive testing and development has been carried out for every product in the kit over a 8 year period within both the caravan and satellite industry. Everything from the hand-made weather proof cables, to the highest quality ACER LNB (the best quality and highest performing LNB on the market). Our aim is to make sure that what you buy is of the highest quality and highly effective to ensure that you are ready from the get go.

A kit with a good tripod and adjustable legs will allow your kit to be setup on any ground type.
Beware of buying kits with fold-up triangular stands as whilst they may look good, and simple they are only truly effective on flat ground and let’s face it, the ground is never flat. This can mean that you may not get the kit working at all, the signal may not be strong or it may take you a lot longer leading to a lot of frustrations. Due to the lower performance on these dishes majority of customers struggle to get these dishes working in weak signal areas such as North-West Australia and Central Australia.
Ask for a written guarantee that a fold up dish without tripod will work in 100% of Australia. Also, beware of companies selling satellite kits with 75cm dishes. These dishes are only designed for use in the eastern states and struggle to pick up signal in a large number of places.
Do your research and buy right equipment the first time around.

Another major consideration is the angle meter – We provide a gravity based angle meter to ensure that your dish is setup correctly. With this tool there is no way you can make a mistake when setting your elevation angles it is accurate to 1 degree. Other suppliers will supply cheap imitations or even just numbers on the back of the dish and once again will only lead to frustration.

Customers are coming into our store constantly with dishes and systems that they have purchased from our elsewhere, these kits are missing instructions, the necessary tools and sometimes even parts. To ensure that you are not stuck with a cheap system that comes with pre-made Chinese cables that are not waterproof or certified by the government for use with digital tv, do your homework and buy right the first time. Another common problem we see if customers who intend on using a satellite dish designed specifically for a house which has big mounting brackets on the back of the dish, do not have allowance for the replacement of the nuts with wing nuts, have no support for folding down, which basically prevent it from being portable and easy to setup.


We highly recommend you ask any satellite sales person for a demonstration on how to use, align and adjust these dishes outside – don’t settle until you see it working, even ask to try yourself – make sure they give you a demo for times when the ground is not flat. There is a reason why some companies will not show you how to use the system in person, they are not easy to use even for the professionals that sell them

We are getting more and more customers coming to us every day with troubles from satellite kits bought elsewhere. We are always happy to help people, and provide people with simple easy to understand instructions, and most importantly the right equipment and tools. We always say “try before you buy” so you know what you are getting and you can see how easy to use our system really is – come into our store for a free demo and some friendly advice.

If you buy the right equipment the first time around it is very easy.
What you Get in your Kit:
Satking DVBS2-980CA VAST HD Satellite Receiver or UEC 4921RV VAST HD Satellite Receiver, complete with 240v Power Supplies, VAST Cards, and Remote controls
Satellite Dish 85cm 100% Australian Coverage
Dish Arm, Bracket and Dish Mount with bolts
Satellite mount mast
Satking single LNB

Access Inclinometer - Angle Finder
SF-99 Satellite Finder

20m and 2m Satellite TV Cable with compression fit waterproof fittings

Instruction Book, written in easy to understand english

Instructional DVD.

The following optional extras are not included in this kit, however, they can be purchased separately:
Padded Bag
"Marriage Saver" Satellite Finder

HDMI Cable

12 Volt Cable

Thru the Wall Fitting


Portable Satellite Kit