The Tru-Spec TSP2851 is the latest in the evolution of Hills UHF Yagi antennas for Digital television and is designed for prime signal areas, covering channels 28 - 51.

Features and Benefits 

Precise antenna specifications within the desired UHF frequency band
Boomlock™ manufacturing technology - patent pending
New mounting clamp for easier and safer installation
Ultrasonically sealed balun housing for maximum reliability
PCB balun for true matching and lowest insertion loss
Strong and lightweight aluminium construction
Designed and manufactured in Australia. Registered design



Name Value
Channels 28 - 51
Gain (dB) 9 - 14
F/B Ratio (dB) 12 - 23
Connector F Type
Balun PCB
Ultrasonically sealed balun Yes
Reflector Trigonal


Tru-Spec TSP2851 UHF Antenna